4 Tools To Build You An Engaging Chatbot

building chat botsCoding is a wonderful talent. And it’s not like riding a bike.

Get it right, and you can develop a product which could make life enriching for numerous people, earning you fame and fortune along the way. But most of the time non technical people with little or no coding experience, may avoid developing their ideas due to the fear of coding complexity and having to learn something new.

Chatbots are a nascent market technology commentators, marketers, and start ups are talking about. It’s a concept derived from Artificial Intelligence, where software is intelligent enough to respond to a user’s questions.

Chatbots are an extremely helpful resource that aids in making efficient customer service without any additional cost or labor, provide precise information without having to wade through pages of irrelevant text, and engages with users like never before.

However, there is a misconception that chatbot app development is a difficult and costly exercise. That’s further from the truth.

There are tools that let you realise your ideas by helping you develop a chatbot without writing a single line of code. Or spending money.

Here are 4 non technical chatbot tools that we think can help you build an incredible bot.


chatfuel review

Most online reviewers describe Chatfuel as a tool that lets publishes (and anyone else for that matter) effortlessly build bots for messaging apps like Messenger, Slack, kik, and others. Chatfuel is more than a non technical toolbox which can help you build a bot. It allows you to build a chatbot in the shortest period of time without writing code.

If your a team or an individual who relies on Facebook for marketing and customer care then Chatfuel is the perfect tool.

One of the main Chatfuel benefits is that you can create a chatbot for working alongside Facebook Messenger. Once created, you can publish it on Messenger through Chatfuel. Secondly, it is completely free and only pay when your bot exceeds 100,000 messages a month.

Once you’ve developed your bot, you can add a Message Us button to your site, or promote your bot directly on your Facebook Page so visitors will know they should try out your bot.

Let’s not forget that Chatfuel has sophisticated reporting. With Chatfuel you can discern how engaging it is, where the bottlenecks are, and continually improve your bot.


botsify review

Botsify is another chatbot creation tool designed specifically for Facebook users. In order to use Botsify, a user has to create a web hook between Botsify and a Facebook account. After creating a link between the two platforms, the user is required to write the commands for the chatbot to respond to users and carry out customer care.

Botsify allows its user to add images through the chatbot and suggestions that makes the chatbot intelligent enough to smartly answer complex queries of the user. It has offers 4 pricing plans, which includes a free plan and plans that allows users to integrate platforms such as WordPress and Medium. Botsify is widely used by users around the world including, Apple, Shazam and Universal Media Group.


smooch reviewUnlike the other chatbots tools, Smooch does things very differently and efficiently. It is less of a chatbot creator and more a connector between different kinds of applications. Smooch allows users to link business apps with messaging apps making it extremely convenient for the whole team to respond customer queries.

With Smooch, a response is recorded by the chatbot which allows for it to become more intelligent by learning from different responses towards recurring questions. Smooch allows for connections between business applications including Slack, Front, Zendesk etc and chat applications including Line, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat etc.

Beep Boop

beep boop review

Beep Boop is designed for tech savvy users. It is intended for use with Facebook Messenger and Slack. The best thing about Beep Boop is the fact that you can connect it to open source repository such as as Github for grabbing pre-written coding scripts for the better use of a chatbot. It also offers a NodeJS module that allows integration with third party bot engines.

Where To Next?

Each of the tools mentioned above has its own set of attributes that vary from one person to another. We strongly believe that chatbots can help businesses with customer care in an efficient manner and these are top tools currently available in the market that can get you started on your ideas and develop the chatbot of your choice.

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