Xero’s Chatbot Unleashed On Small Business


Cloud accounting software firm Xero is joining the chatbot craze, unveiling a new Facebook Messenger bot to help link small businesses with accountants and add-on partners.

CEO Rod Drury said the Hey Xero chatbot, shown of at the company’s Xerocon conference in Brisbane, would link users up with the Xero Advisor Directory and recommend them a suitable accountant or bookkeeper in their area.

Subscribers would also be able to discover new apps query their latest financial data, such as who owes them money or when their next bill is due, he said.

“What’s super interesting about Messenger is discovering what people ask for,” Mr Drury said.

“We see it more than just interacting with their numbers. It’s a great way for millions of new businesses to join our ecosystem, or find accountants and add-on partners. We are also getting a clearer perspective on what people want to know and what’s important to them, based on their interactions with Hey Xero.”

The chatbot, developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), will be launched “later this year.”

Mr Drury said Xero would be working to make tools available to other messaging platforms such as Slack and Apple iOS down the track.

Other news out of Xerocon was that the New Zealand-based firm will soon offer daily, direct feeds for some 100 financial institutions in Australia including 43 regional and industry credit unions, and Xero and Commonwealth Bank are expanding their relationship to include direct feeds for business and corporate credit cards.

This article was recently published in The Australian.

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